(Compaction Simulator)

With the RRDI Compaction Simulator, you can simulate the compaction of any single layer or multilayer production presses while in your lab plus many other studies not possible on non-servo controlled machines.

Designed for Ease of Use, Ease of Cleaning, Speed and Accuracy, the software is designed to make the controls intuitive for a tablet press operator. Tablet press like controls with graphic feedback make many uses of the simulator possible to operate without formal training.

Thoughtful design of the tableting hardware makes cleaning and tooling change over a matter of a few minutes, not hours. Made in the USA. With our combined knowledge of servo hydraulic controls and tableting mechanics we have developed our own advanced control software, along with unique hardware features that achieves far greater control accuracy than standard PID servo controlled systems.

High Speed Compaction Simulator

  • Easy to simulate any production tablet press.
  • Tool change between B, D and others in minutes.
  • Multi Layer Tablet Compaction Capability

Compaction Simulation Made Easy

Step 1 screenshot


Select Press to Simulate.

Step 2 screenshot


Adjust Simulated Press

Just Like the Real Press.

Step 3 screenshot


Press “GO”

Screens are from the Version 3 of the RRDI Compaction SImulator Software.

Additional Features

  • Fast and simple Force Control compaction mode for early stage tablet development.
  • Long run tablet compaction studies possible through programmed press setting changes and automated tablet collection to removable vials.
  • Ultra-fast max Punch Speeds exceed 1.4 meters/seconds each with increased performance available soon.
  • Single unit machine on wheels. No special room, or installation required.
  • Paddle Feeder is standard, other are available. Feeders install and remove in seconds with no tools.
  • High Accuracy Punch Forces.
  • Ultra High Displacement Measurement performance with 0.2 micro min resolution, zero analog noise, +- 15 micron Max Error. Frame and Tool Stiffness Compensation.
  • Numerous options such as Radial Die Wall transducers and triaxial powder testing.
  • Data available in an Microsoft Excel compatible format for easy analysis

High Potency Confinement Version

Retains the same software and performance features as the high speed compaction simulator while maintaining high isolation from the product via a seal work chamber. It features a highly cleanable die table and associated hardware along with a cleaning zone and facilities within the isolation chamber. Material and small parts transferable to and from the simulator via Rapid Transport Ports.

Compaction Simulator Options

Radial Die Wall in two different versions

The standard version has the outer dimension of a D tool die with either a 0.375” or 10mm ID and a discrete rectangular sensor zone 2mm in height. A second version die wall sensor produces a signal along the full height of the die ID. Custom versions are available.

Die Temperature Sensor

This can be added to the Radial Die Wall Transducer, to a modified standard die or to the die table adjacent to the die.

Take Off Transducer

Used to measure the force required to push the tablet off the lower punch after ejection. Overload protection helps protect the high sensitivity transducer from damage.

Die Table Vertical Force Transducer

Measures the vertical force applied to the die during ejection producing a higher resolution ejection force than is provided by the lower punch force transducer.

Heated die table

Available in various versions but all allow the user to set an elevated temperature of the die. This allows the heating of the any standard B, D and other die types.

Punch and Die assemblies for unusual tooling such as AAPS and F tip tooling

Punch and die assemblies for AAPS and F tooling have already been produce for clients with many others possible.

Punch and Die assemblies for Hollow Core Punches

Hardware to accommodate AAPS and F Tip hollow core tooling have been generated with the ability to support hollow core rod B, D, and other tooling types.

Special compacted shapes handling and collection available

Special Compacted shape handling after ejection is available such as keeping hollow tube shape standing vertical as they are collected on a large removable tray as in battery liner production.

Extra Large capacity Hopper Feed with External Powder Loading Capability

For single layer tablet compaction an extra-large capacity feed hopper punch and die table assembly is available that also allows external feeding without stopping the machine and opening the safety doors.

Triaxial Powder Testing

An add on package of hardware and software converts the Compaction Simulator to a High Pressure Triaxial powder testing system. The data this system generates is typically used to calibrate Finite Element and other mathematical modeling of powder compaction techniques. Maximum applied stress is 500 MPa in each axis.

100% Product dedicated Powder and Tablet Contact Surfaces

Quickly replaceable Die Table surfaces along with all other powder contact parts, from hopper to collection container, are available. This makes it easy to dedicate all powder contact parts to a single product.

Multiple Feeder types

Special purpose feeders are available including a Large Paddle Feeders and Shaking Feed Shoe versions.

Tablet Compaction under High Vacuum

Special Punch and Die Table assemblies and support hardware are available to allow tablet compaction under a high vacuum.

“On the Machine” Integrated hardness Thickness and Weight Measuring system soon to be available

Weigh measurements can be used to automatically adjust fill depth to keep tablet weights on target.

Custom Options Available on Request

Virtually all current options started out as special requests by our customers. We will work with you to develop special option for you special needs.

For further information, or to place an order,

contact: Edward Roland

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